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It should be taken note that above all psychedelic products or drugs are all substances which generate effects in your mind, these effects are feelings of very deep understanding or very hard experiences of color, sound, taste and touch. It could be noted from the Cambridge Dictionary.

Psychedelic as a word hails from ancient Greek as a combo of psyche (soul, mind) and delouse which means Viable and Reveal. When all put together are explained and translated as Mind revealing.

You should know that this name refers to a very detailed understanding, also an increase in your sense of conciseness which is caused by the substance. It is a globally belief that psychedelic substances permits you to discover and explore more about your Mindset making it possible to see beyond the human thought.

When Psychedelic is being implemented in an art, clothing or anything related, it tries to give a reason to resemblance of the experience which is being caused by the substances. That will explain the colours and curious patterns.

In combination, there are so many substances that have a real psychedelic effect on the consumer. For the popularly known which are LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, mescaline and DMT, there is a natural and synthetic as well as legal & illegal Psychedelics

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